Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's a new year

This year has a lot of changes coming. Last month my second daughter was born. She is so beautiful. We are still getting settled into a new routine. But I'm not getting a lot of sleep. Which isn't great since I'm still in school.

I just started my third semester of nursing school. I'll graduate next December. From here in January it seems so far away.

This year I also have meat rabbits. I've had a little problem getting my breeding program started. My buck has the enthusiasm, but lacks accuracy. I'm not too concerned right now because it has been so cold this winter. We've been in single digits a lot. I don't know that I could keep the kits warm if we had any.

The garden is going well. Despite the freezing temperatures, my plants are still alive and well in their raised bed hoop houses.

I would like to announce my plans to start posting regularly, but I've had trouble keeping that resolution in the past. We will see what happens.