Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Ostara

It was Ostara yesterday here in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the beginning of Spring. The weather is warming and the snow is finally melting. I know I am excited by the prospect of winter ending.
Soon we will be planting the spring crop, mostly leafy green vegetables. I will put a fresh layer of compost in the garden to feed this year's plants. I also have a few new raised beds that will need to be filled prior to planting.
Also new this year are the rabbits. They are mature now and both does have been bred. We will expect their litters in a few weeks in early April. We are excited and hope that this time we can keep the kits alive. Our first litter was delivered late October and they got too cold and didn't make it.
I am also still in school and starting the maternity segment of nursing school. It's only eight weeks long and is going to be a lot of work in a short amount of time.
Of course I also have my wonderful partner and our daughters. The two year old has so much energy and wants to help. The two month old just wants to be held all the time. They make any task more complicated, but I wouldn't trade them for the world.
This spring we have so much going on and so much to be thankful for. We gladly welcome in the Spring and all the blessings it will bring!

Monday, March 3, 2014

I may be crazy

Am I crazy? I don't know that many people contemplate this question, but I do. A lot, actually.
I'm in my third semester of nursing school and we are currently studying psychiatric nursing. And it's bringing up a lot of stuff for me.
I believe my mother has undiagnosed mental illness. Ever since I've understood the concept I've had this opinion. I have spent my whole life worrying that I might go crazy, either because of genetics or environment.
Studying the nursing approach to caring for people with mental illness brought all those questions back to the foreground of my mind. It didn't help that with the new baby I haven't been getting enough sleep and sleep deprivation can cause similar symptoms as some mental illnesses.
So I spent a lot of the last couple of weeks worrying and questioning my sanity. My eventual conclusion is that all I have is a bad case of sleep deprivation, stress, and textbook syndrome (the belief you have an illness described in your textbook).