Monday, March 3, 2014

I may be crazy

Am I crazy? I don't know that many people contemplate this question, but I do. A lot, actually.
I'm in my third semester of nursing school and we are currently studying psychiatric nursing. And it's bringing up a lot of stuff for me.
I believe my mother has undiagnosed mental illness. Ever since I've understood the concept I've had this opinion. I have spent my whole life worrying that I might go crazy, either because of genetics or environment.
Studying the nursing approach to caring for people with mental illness brought all those questions back to the foreground of my mind. It didn't help that with the new baby I haven't been getting enough sleep and sleep deprivation can cause similar symptoms as some mental illnesses.
So I spent a lot of the last couple of weeks worrying and questioning my sanity. My eventual conclusion is that all I have is a bad case of sleep deprivation, stress, and textbook syndrome (the belief you have an illness described in your textbook).

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