Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sometimes Plans Change

Sometimes plans change. And that's ok. My plan had been to build a shed last Friday. But when I took another look at my resources I decided that a less ambitious project was more appropriate. So instead of a shed I built a rabbit hutch.
It was something I needed anyway and I had most of the materials on hand. Plus it was something that, unlike the shed, could be completed in the time available with the help that I had. So I did a little shopping, my brother and his stepson came over and the the of us built this:
Sure it could be better, but I'm not complaining. As an added bonus, this hutch cost me less than ten dollars to build. Most of the materials were recycled wood.
It's about to get very cold and windy here so I will be putting the finishing touches on to make it more homey and moving the rabbit in before the temperature starts dropping again.

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