Saturday, March 3, 2012

Energy Work and Shamanic Extraction

From the shamanic perspective, there are three main causes of illness: power loss, soul loss, and energy intrusions. Intrusions are harmful or misplaced energies that become stuck in already weakened energy fields.
People, places, spirits, even plants and animals, all give off psychic energies. Healthy energy fields keep out these random intrusions. There are many reasons why energy fields become weakened. Power loss, soul loss, and stress are some of the most common causes.
Sometimes intrusions are not random energies. Intrusions can be caused by hateful or jealous words or actions. "If looks could kill" is not a meaningless saying. They can also be caused by negative self image or magical attack.
The process of removing energy intrusions is called extraction. First the shaman enters a trance state. Then he or she locates the intrusion. This is a very intuitive process.
Once the intrusion is located, the shaman works with his or her guides to remove it. Two of the most common ways to remove the intrusion are pulling or sucking. The physical movements mimic the actions of the shaman on the spiritual level. Once removed, the intrusion is placed into another object, such as a stone, insect, crystal, or piece of bone. This is very important. The healer should NEVER take the energy into themselves. The energy is instead put into the object. The object is then destroyed, buried, or cleansed.
The next step is to prevent a new intrusion. Nature abhors a vacuum. With the intrusion gone, a space is left in the energy field. Once the intrusion is removed, the shaman fills the space with healing energy. Lastly, the shaman cleanses him or herself and ends the ceremony.
The ceremony may have to be repeated more than once to remove all of the intrusions.

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  1. wow - this week I heard a lecture on pain bodies we carry - this seems to discuss even further the need to remove them in order to become fully human. The lecturer talked about using music and singing to heal these pain bodies - she described them as knots of energy.