Thursday, February 28, 2013

E is for Energy Healing

My partner, Heather, is a chiropractor and has a Master's in Chinese medicine. Many people come to her for healing. It is amazing the things she can do to help people without invasive surgery and costly medications. But when she feels that the person needs energy work done, she refers them to me. I always do what I can, and they tell me it makes a big difference, but, aside from 3rd degree Reiki, I haven't had any formal training. I've picked up things from other practitioners, and the spirits have taught me a few techniques over the years.
This year, I made a commitment to learn new things. I started by looking at martial arts, since I've always wanted to learn. As I checked out various teachers and style offered in my area, I came across Qi Gong. Strictly speaking, Qi Gong isn't a style of martial arts, but it is closely related. Roughly translated, Qi Gong means "cultivating energy" ( It is a self healing practice that teaches the student how to control and balance the energy within his or her own body to promote health.
I have heard of Qi Gong before and had considered studying it, but when I was doing my research I found out something I didn't know. Qi Gong mastery can be applied to energy healing. At a certain level of mastery, the student of Qi Gong can not only manipulate the Qi in their own bodies for healing, but the Qi in others as well.
That was the deciding factor for me. I registered the next day and I am now taking Qi Gong classes with a local instructor. Later this year I hope to begin taking the Qi Gong healing classes and add these new skills to my existing knowledge of energy healing.
Remember that there is magick in even the smallest acts, and even tiny alterations can create big change.

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  1. I liked taking Qi Gong. I actually like the first movements. It is a very gentle practice.